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By James Stuart

Warm nights and plenty of rain to keep the humidity up should make perfect conditions for lots of unwanted pests. The “tawny ant” (formerly known as the Caribbean crazy ant), mosquitoes, big roaches, chinch bugs, and hundreds of other unwanted insects are showing up in lawns throughout the Houston area.

Unwanted Pests

Caribbean Crazy Ant

Spraying your lawn with a mild general insecticide will make a big difference in the number of pests trying to make your house their home and it won’t cost much. There is no reason to apply a strong mixture because the sun is going to break down most of the effectiveness pretty quickly no matter how strong you or you pest professional apply it.

Unwanted Insects, but not the Alligators

Putting a motion sensor on night lights will reduce the numbers of insects you attract and it will reduce the spiders, bats, and geckos that come to eat the insects drawn to the light.

unwanted pests


If you live near one of the many small waterways or ponds around here and you see an alligator in your yard get back in the house and call Texas Parks and Wildlife to take it away. Spraying the lawn to get rid of the insects probably won’t help to keep the alligators out.

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