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Subterranean Termites, Fleas, Ticks, Big Roaches, Spiders, and Mosquitoes are all coming out a little early this year. Sometimes spring arrives early in the Houston area and judging from the calls we are receiving this year is one of those years.

termites Adult subterranean termite swarmers that normally come out in March have already been found as far north as Kingwood and as far west as Katy. So if you come home from work and see a bunch of dark brown (almost black) insects lying dead on a window sill or in a bathtub save a few of them so a termite inspector can verify if they are ants or termites. There is no rush to act if they are termites. It is recommended that you establish where they came from because they are usually a symptom of a moisture problem. First solve the moisture problems and then treat the termites.

Ticks have made an unusually early appearance across the greater Houston area. It is likely a new variety to the area that is more cold tolerant. There are several types of ticks occurring in this area and they are all serious health threats that should be treated quickly and aggressively. Definitely have your pets on a systemic flea and tick killer recommended by your vet. Make sure all pet bedding is thoroughly cleaned and dried regularly. If your AC unit is not working properly to remove the moisture from the air get it repaired and or consider possibly getting a dehumidifier for the area where the pets sleep.

flea_tick Fleas are showing up earlier every year and have developed into a year round concern. Like the ticks, they are a real health threat for pets and humans. Get your pets to the vet and get them on a systemic flea and tick killer. Thorough cleaning of floors, furniture, and pet bedding can’t be overemphasized. The actions of the homeowner are just as important as the professional pesticide applicator’s.

Mosquitos Eliminating breeding grounds for the mosquitoes is the most important thing a homeowner can do to prevent problems. Even small quantities of standing water for a few days can allow a lot of mosquitoes to develop. Make sure your gutters are clean and your potted plants aren’t over watered.

Which new roaches or spiders from some other part of world we will get this year is anybody’s guess.

There is always some new invasive species on the way. A little common sense combined with today’s insecticide technology should make it pretty easy to safely rid your home of any pest problem. Like us on FaceBook.

James Stuart
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