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Termite Control – “Houston, we don’t have a problem”

If you currently have a termite control problem, or if you want to make sure you never get termites, treatment options in the Houston Gulf Coast area are better and easier than ever before.

In most cases moisture problems should be resolved and repairs completed before, or coordinated with, a termite control treatment. Conducive conditions such as high ground, leaks, etc., should also be addressed before a termite treatment is initiated.

Subterranean termite control treatments with TERMIDOR can exterminate termite colonies beyond the treated area making spot treatments effective and practical on homes in the Houston area.

TERMIDOR lasts well enough to make preventative termite control treatments cost effective in most cases. There is little or no inconvenience to the residents associated with the treatments. There is no odor and no need to leave the home.

Termite treatments start at $200.00 plus $16.50 sales tax which is what we charge for a typical two car garage. The average three bedroom two bathroom home usually costs between $450.00 and $600.00 plus tax.

Drywood termites can be physically removed during repairs of the affected wood ( usually found in trim or siding that needed to be removed for other reasons). In cases where they occur in the structure, where removal is not practical, spot treatments with ALPINE or PREMISE foam is usually the best option. Dry wood termites work very slowly and have limited colony life spans, so they are less concern to Houston area homeowners than subterranean termites. We do not fumigate homes.

All of our termite control treatments include a five year retreatment warranty (no annual fees). All of our technicians are certified to inspect for and treat termites. We can usually give accurate quotes over the phone and are happy to answer any questions you may have.