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Add earwigs to the list of pests wanting to enter your home this month. Large populations can be found in the gap around the edge of your foundation. They don’t really hurt anything and aren’t known to carry any diseases that affect man or his pets. They don’t pinch you.

Most pesticides that can be used on your lawn will be effective on earwigs. One application should be all that is necessary.

Drywood termite swarmers are not unusual this time of year in the Houston area. They come out at night and will fly to light. Their sawdust colored fecal matter will usually help you find the source which is key to getting rid of them. They work slowly so there is no need to rush to treat them. There are plenty of good products to spot treat them but most are only available to professionals so it’s best to call a professional. Stuart’s Pest Control has the professionals to deal with these little bugs!

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